Funding your account with USD

Oct 10, 2019

International wires are available to Coinbase Prime customers from eligible jurisdictions who have access to USD-denominated order books. If you require this enabled on your account, please reach out to your Account Representative

  1. Open the trading view at

  2. ​On the left-hand column under Assets, select the Deposit option

  3. From the Currency Type drop down menu, select USD

  4. Select the International Wire Transfer tab

  5. You will be presented with instructions for initiating an international wire transfer from your non U.S. bank account. To ensure the deposit is properly credited to your account, please include the Reference Number exactly as displayed. No other information should be included in the same field

  6. Please note that the name on your bank account must match the legal name on your Coinbase Prime account for the wire to be accepted

  7. Once the first deposit has been received, we automatically create the SWIFT Payment Method


If this is your first time depositing via wire transfer, we recommend depositing a test amount using these wire instructions. The withdrawal will settle on your account within a few days (standard cross-border SWIFT settlement).

Withdrawing to a non U.S. Bank Account (International Wires)

  1. To view / utilize this option, you must have already made a deposit via International wire

  2. Open the trading view at

  3. ​On the left-hand column under Assets, select the Withdraw option

  4. From the Currency Type drop down menu, select USD

  5. Select the Swift Bank Account as the payment method from the dropdown. If you have already deposited via International Wire, it should be listed here under Destination

  6. Specify the USD amount, click on withdraw to bank and confirm the transaction with your 2FA code


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